Is McDonald’s Buy One Get One for A Dollar Still Going On?

Are you a fan of Big Mac? If say yes, then I will say Big Mac is waiting for you for a single bite. Are you thinking, is McDonald’s buy one get one for a dollar still going on? It is difficult to make sure because this is a promotional offer. You know that promotion does not go on all the time. In that case, the best way is to search for your nearest McDonald’s restaurant and get the news. But remember this offer is not available for all the McDonald’s menu. It is available for some limited menus. However, let’s figure out which menu is available for buy one get one offer.    

Which McDonald’s Menu Is Available for Buy One Get One Offer?

Buy one get one is a promotional package. It is not available all the time in the year. It is difficult to make sure that in which menu they will bring a mega offer. But in most cases, we have followed that McDonald’s offers some common items.

McDonald’s BOGO deals include.

  • Double cheeseburger.
  • Hot Spicy McChicken.
  • Chicken Mac Nuggets (6-piece).
  • McDonalds small Fries — reg. $2.69.
  • Large Soft Drink.

Some other menus may offer buy-one-get-one or combo offers. To know about what is McDonald’s buy one get $1, big mac buy 1 get 1 free, buy one get one for $1 McDonald’s breakfast, McDonald’s 2 For $3.49 Menu, McDonald’s Friday deals, McDonald’s 2 for $6, big mac deal 2023, buy one big mac get one free, McDonald’s BOGO breakfast, McDonald’s buy one get one for $2, McDonald’s $5 meal deal, McDonald’s $2.50 bundle breakfast, etc. Use or visit the McDonald’s website or app to know the current promotions and available deals at your nearby locations.

What Is McDonald’s Buy One Get One for $1?

Buy one get one means if you buy a quarter pound McDonald’s burger for $1 then another quarter pound burger is free with that, which is called buy one get one for $1. McDonald’s buy one get one for a dollar is an offer bundle.

Whenever any occasion comes McDonald’s offers such things. It is noted that there are many McDonald’s menus but they offer for a specific item. But which item do they offer buy one get one? It depends on the business policy, location, food item popularity, and others.

Is McDonald’s Buy One Get One for A Dollar Still Going On?

Does McDonald’s have buy one get one a dollar? No McDonald’s buy 1 get 1 for $1 currently not. It depends on the menu’s popularity (McDonald’s breakfast menu, all-day menu, lunch menu). It is a limited offer and it is occasion-based, such as  

  • New Year’s Day.
  • Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Inauguration Day.
  • Easter Sunday.
  • Washington’s Birthday.
  • Memorial Day.
  • Juneteenth National Independence Day.

 McDonald’s is popular for pretty cheap. But some menus are pretty expensive. Those who are food-hungry, love to get offers of their favorite item at a cheap cost. McDonald’s is a world-famous fast food supplier. If they bring a special offer, it is hilarious news for the McDonald’s lovers.

Does McDonald’s Have The 2 For $5 Or 2 For $6 Mix and Match Deal?

Does McDonald’s bring back 2 for $5 mix-and-match deal to the menu? These are limited offers and are not available for a whole month or year. McDonald’s brings a seasonal offer or an occasion-based offer. In that case, McDonald’s offers like this. But this type of offer does not go for the whole year. This type of offer depends on also country, restaurant, location, and McDonald’s menu. In most cases, McDonald’s offers different menus but pricing and deals may be different.

If they offer 2 items with $5 or $6 on any specific menu and if you want to get French fries, soft drinks, and other specific items. In that case, you have to pay the extra charge according to the extra item pricing. So, these offers are not available at all times in a year.

Show $1 $2 $3 McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s is a less expensive fast company. They always charge a limited cost on McDonald’s food items. However, different menus are available for $1, $2, and $3, so take a look at what are they. It is noted that this food item with this pricing may be different or may not be available at all times. So, check your nearest McDonald’s restaurant.

McDonald’s offers food items for $1

  • McChicken.
  • Cheeseburger.
  • Sausage Biscuit.
  • Sausage Burrito.
  • beverages.

McDonald’s offers food items for $2

  • Bacon McDouble.
  • 2-piece Crispy Tenders.
  • Sausage McGrinddles.
  • Bacon McChicken.
  • a small beverage from the McCafe.
  • 4-piece Chicken McNuggets.

McDonald’s offers food items for $3

  • Triple Cheeseburger.
  • Happy Meal.
  • Sausage McMuffin.
  • Chicken Sandwich.

If you are looking for a buy one get one offer with a limited price, then use the McDonald’s app, check available offers, select McDonald’s restaurant, select food, and make an order.  

Does McDonald’s still have the Big Mac bundle?

Use the McDonald’s app or website to know the current McDonald’s offer. Because these types of offers exist for a short time (3 days, one week). However, does a Big Mac bundle available? It is a promotion package. It may be a Big Mac combo meal (French fries, a quarter-pound burger, Coca-Cola, etc.).

Combo meals or Big Mac bundles may contain different items. McDonald’s restaurants are available in 120 countries around the world. Such restaurant offers different bundles. So, this offer depends on location, occasion, menu popularity, and others.

McDonald’s Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry

McFlurry is a soft ice cream dessert. McDonald’s Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry contains in a cup with some traditional mixed ingredients, such as candies, caramel, butter, tree nuts, peanuts, etc. It is very delicious and heartbreaking delicious cold food that people like most. Because it contains minerals, proteins, and other healthy ingredients. Sometimes or occasionally McDonalds make an offer on this cold food that love to get.

Does McDonald’s Have Coupons Available Right Now?

There are more than 40,275 McDonald’s restaurants around the world. Sometimes they offer different deals on different items. For this reason, it is difficult to clarify about McDonald’s coupon offer at any specific time. For this reason, visit nearer McDonald’s restaurants or visit the McDonald’s app or website to check on which meal coupon offer is available.  

What Can I Get from McDonalds for $5?

McDonald’s menu items and prices can vary by location. McDonald’s often offers promotions on some specific meals that could be around $5 meal deal McDonald’s. Some items that might be part of a $5 deal could include

  • A double cheeseburger with small fries and a small drink.
  • A McChicken sandwich with small fries and a soft drink.
  • Two cheeseburgers with small fries and a soft drink.

On the other hand, some specific Lunch menus or dinners can be available for $5. It is noted that promotions and menu items can be changed from time to time.

Does McDonald’s Deliver Food?

McDonald’s offers delivery services through third-party delivery platforms Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub in some locations. However, all the McDonald’s restaurants do not participate in delivery services. It is noted that before making an order check the delivery service charge. Because Sometimes McDonald’s offers charge-free delivery to the customer locations.


If you look, is McDonald’s buy one get one for a dollar still going on? In that case, I will say visit the McDonald’s near me restaurant or use the McDonald’s mobile app to know the current available buy one get one offer. It is difficult to specify about the current offer. This is because most promotion offers are not available on a long-term basis.

Though they offer renowned and popular fast food items they have a bunch of items. That’s why they may have special offers on any particular food item. So, visit their website or app to know the recent offer that you like most and enjoy your deal.


OPEN READ is not a part of McDonald’s and OPEN READ is not working to promote McDonald’s food. OPEN READ is here to let people know various information about it to help food lovers. 

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