How to Tell If My Solar Panels Are Working? 10 Hacks to Know

Installing solar panels is a crucial thing for homes, offices, and industries. But a monitoring system is another essential thing. If you don’t monitor the installed PV system, then you will never be aware of how to tell if my solar panels are working. Those who have installed solar panels must monitor and confirm that the PV systems are working sufficiently. For this reason, I have arranged a broad discussion for you to know that your solar panels are working perfectly.

How to Tell If My Solar Panels Are Working

Many people are not aware of how do I know if my solar panels are working. In that case, I have given some crucial steps for solar panel inquiry. These will lead you to track and monitor the solar panel output power. So, take a look and implement it in your real life (home, office, industry, park, and other locations).

1. Check Installed Solar Panels

If you think how can I tell if my solar panels are working? I will say check your installed solar panels first. Make sure all the connections are exact. Check how clean the solar panel system is. It means seeing dust or dirt on the PV panels and cleaning them by following the solar panel cleaning process.

See all the connections that come from PV panels to the breaker box. Don’t forget to see the shadow on the panel and also see how long your panels are getting heat in a day. So, if everything is okay after completing a solar panel inquiry then go for the next inspection to check the solar panel working process.

2. Monitor Inverter Display

Solar inverter display shows the output power (voltage and current). The inverter display also shows the historical and real-time data. If any error occurs, then you will see a message or warning on the inverter display. You know that an inverter is used to convert DC electrical energy into AC electrical energy. After solar panel inspection, and monitoring inverter display, if you don’t find any issues then go for another option.  

3. Online Monitoring Systems

Solar panel online monitoring system is a crucial thing nowadays. It is generally an app. Install your smartphone or computer and track your solar panel performance (output power, efficiency, performance, etc.). This solar panel monitoring app (SolarEdge, Growatt, Fronius Solar App, SMA Energy, etc.) is specially designed to monitor solar panel working performance from remote areas.

It usually consists of hardware and software programs. This digital PV panel monitoring system lets you know how solar panels work, how much energy is generated, and others. So, you can use a solar panel performance tracking app to monitor your PV panel system’s working process.

4. Compare Actual vs. Expected Production

How many solar panels you have installed in your home? How much energy should generate? You must have an idea about that. In that case, compare your generated power and installed capacity. If you find a far difference or if you get low energy, then you estimate that your panel is not working sufficiently. But obtaining less power may have a few reasons, such as

  • You never installed them on the direct sunlight-falling side.
  • Most of the time installed PV panels get shadow.
  • You have installed low-efficient panels.
  • You have installed inefficient solar panels.

However, compare the power if you get far energy generating difference then take action with the help of any skilled hand. On the other hand, You may get help from a solar panels provider or who sold you the panels.

5. Visual Inspection

Visual inspection means finding any defects (scratches, cracks, dents, etc.). If anything happens on your panels then clean them as soon as possible. Because they can withstand to generate sufficient electricity. How long later you should inspect solar panels? It may be one month or two months. Indeed, take care of your installed PV panels as much as you can. Because to obtain better output power visual inspection is crucial thing. So, keep your panel clean however you want.

6. Check for Shade

Solar panel generating power depends on direct sunlight. More sunlight falls on the panel and generates more electricity according to the panel capacity. In that case, the shadow can withstand to generate sufficient electricity. Suppose, you have installed PV panels on a newly built rooftop. There are many big trees beside the building.

The panels become shaded during peak sunlight hours (3 to 4 hours) or (1.00 PM to 5.00 PM). To avoid that unexpected shade, trim the unnecessary or overhanging brunches and clean them away. On the other hand, if you find any object that can cause shadow then remove it and let the panels sufficient direct sunlight.

7. Monitor Temperature and Weather Conditions

Temperature and weather conditions have a high impact on the solar panels to generate sufficient electricity. In a true sense, solar panels can generate electricity on a cloudy and rainy day. In that case, due to a lack of sufficient direct falling sunlight, panels generate 10 to 25% less energy (on average depending on panel capacity).

However, this weather can interrupt to meet your required load demand. In that case, you should calculate solar panel cost to choose extra additional panel to meet load demand due to low temperature.  

8. Inspect Mounting System and Focus On Solar Inspection Services

Solar inspection plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of a solar power system. During an inspection, professionals meticulously assess the structural integrity, alignment, and attachment of solar modules, checking rust, corrosion, or loose fasteners. Attention is given to the weatherproofing of seals, proper grounding, and the condition of the inverter.

Performance monitoring data is reviewed, and potential shading from vegetation. The inspection ends with a detailed report outlining any identified issues and recommended corrective measures. These services are essential for maximizing energy production, promoting safety, and extending the lifespan of the solar panel installation.

9. Consult a Professional PV Installer

Suppose your solar panels not working, and you have fallen into trouble. In that case, you are worried about how to check my solar panels. Don’t worry about that. Because many solar panel inspection company provide solar panel customer service or solar inspection services. Consult with them to inspect your installed PV system. They know well how to check if solar panels are working or not working. If they find any issue, then they will bring a solution.  

10.  Connect the Cellular Network to Monitor PV System Performance

You can monitor solar panel voltage, temperature, and light intensity by using a smartphone or computer. In that case, you have to connect your solar panel with IoT based solar panel system monitoring system. However, if you would like to monitor your solar panel in the best way you should use a quality solar panel monitoring app.

By using a solar panel monitoring app, you can know how much energy are generating, how much energy you are using, and many more things. It is the easiest process to monitor. However, there are different types of apps, such as mySolarEdge, Growatt ShinePhone, Lux Power View, and others. They have free and premium packages. So, find the best one and install it on your device.

Why Are My Solar Panels Not Producing Enough Power?

Are you worried about why my solar panels are not producing enough power? There may be some essential factors for not producing enough power. In that case, solar panel efficiency, connection, and installed direction may be the reason. However, I have given here some essential steps you should follow that steps to figure out the reasons. So, take a look at a glance.

  • Check all the connections, such as the inverter connection with the panel and circuit breaker box.
  • Make sure the panels are clean and no dust or Ice on the panels.   
  • See the weather conditions, you know that PV panels work better in direct sunlight.
  • Make sure your solar panels are properly placed and tilted towards the greatest sunlight exposure. The panels should face the right direction to get the best sunlight.
  • Monitor your entire solar panel system and confirm that all are okay and working well.
  • If you have an old solar panel, then you should check the solar panel’s efficiency. Because less efficient panels produce a low amount of power.

Final Thought

You may deserve the maximum performance and output from the installed solar panel systems. Sometimes this performance is interrupted due to some issues. In that case, you require a minor checkup. But how can I check my solar panels are working? Most people may have that question.

Indeed, I have given 10 more solutions of how do you know if solar panels are working? If panels are not working or you are not obtaining sufficient power as well, then follow the above things and check the installed PV system. The best way is to get help from a professional hand to find and solve the issues. So, get in touch with OPEN READ to know more updates about solar panels.

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