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I am Engineer Rajib Hasan B.Sc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE). The purpose of my OPEN READ website is to increase the knowledge, and skills of people who are thirsty for knowledge on various subjects, and by publishing articles on regular theories and practical subjects for engineers, engineering students, or technical people.

They can keep and they can work for their country and nation. If you can gain knowledge through this OPEN READ website of mine and improve the country and nation by applying it then me, and my website will be successful. OPEN READ is the easiest website you will get a lot of basic knowledge that will help your job interview. I am tirelessly trying to add new information to my site. OPEN READ website is created based on the EEE students but Automation engineers, Telecommunication engineers students will also get vast knowledge besides their academic knowledge.

Most of the BLOG post carries a large number of information about the solar system, Alien, famous scientist life history, and other valuable information. If you are with this website, you will always have almost everything related to various topics such as science-technology, engineering, and interviews on various topics. So I think by reading this website you can easily learn a lot about your unknown things. So stay with my website and always learn new things to improve your knowledge, country, and nation. Get in touch with OPEN READ and boost your knowledge.

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I pray for all of you that you will be good to yourself and keep others good

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