How to Check 220 Voltage With a Multimeter?

What is a multimeter?

The multimeter is a measuring electronic instrument. The multimeter is used to measure the electrical quantity and show the actual value. It is a crucial device to test the electrical quantity before and after installation. It is more popular around the world. Low voltage and high voltage can be measured by this device. There are two types of multimeters digital multimeters and analog multimeters. However, you can check many things by using this meter but we will show here how to check 220 voltage with a multimeter.  

What is the function of a digital multimeter?

Before testing any quantity we should prepare a digital multimeter function. In this case, we have to know how to set the multimeter function. Take a look at how to test the multimeter function. First of all, decide what quantity you want to measure. Suppose you want to measure three quantities, such as current, voltage, and resistance.

In this case, you must set the multimeter dial. If you want to measure voltage then fix your dialer first in the AC voltage point. If you measure the resistance keep your multimeter dialer or nob in the ohm position. Let’s see the chart and memories the symbol, measurement function, and description.   

How to use a multimeter to test a 220v outlet?

 How to test 220v with multimeter? To test the voltage you can use a multimeter. Take a look at how to use multimeter to test a 220v outlet or how to check voltage on 220v outlet. In this case, you need a digital multimeter and 220 volt outlet. Connect the multimeter port on the common (blackjack) and red jack on the V/Ω now put the test probe into the AC outlet.

In this case, turn your meter nob in the AC voltage position and set the voltage higher than your test voltage. Now set the black and red probe in the phase and neutral. In this case, your meter will show the voltage that you want. If you change the probe as well then you will also get the same reading. It means your meter is showing the same output 220v. It is simple and easy to test 220 volts with multimeter

How to check 220 voltage with a multimeter?

how to test 220 voltage with multimeter

We have been told several times that a multimeter is a measuring instrument used to measure electrical quantity. In this case, we must follow some steps. However, though we have referred to the details of testing 220 volts outlet with a multimeter we are describing it in detail. So, let’s figure out how to test 220 voltage with a multimeter and follow the process of testing 220 outlets.

  • Safety precautions
  • Set multimeter nob
  • Set up multimeter leads
  • Use multimeter probes in the AC outlet
  • Write down the multimeter reading 

Safety precautions

 We know that electricity never mercy anyone. For this reason, we must ensure proper safety before any operation. Basically, 220 volts is a danger to human health it may cause death or severe health injury. For this reason before the test the voltage with a multimeter you must confirm that the multimeter probe has no leakage and you are in proper insulation.  

Set multimeter nob

Our power line is AC and we are using AC power in our home we are measuring AC voltage by using a multimeter. For this reason, turn your multimeter nob and keep it in the AC voltage position (VAC or V∿). It is noted that if you measure 220 volts then you should select more than a 500-volt range in your multimeter. It is because high power can destroy your meter.

Set up multimeter leads

Now it is time to set multimeter leads. We know that all digital multimeter has two leads positive and common with red and black. You must connect the black probe to the common port and read the probe in the voltage port. After setting up the multimeter leads, you are ready to measure the electrical quantity whatever you need.

Use multimeter probes in the AC outlet

After completing the above process then you are ready to check 220v outlet with multimeter. In this case, select a three-prong outlet that has an available 220-volt power supply. Now keep your black probe in a hot prong and keep your red probe in another hot prong and see the voltage level in your meter. It is noted that if you change the multimeter probe then you will also get the same result.   

Write down multimeter reading

It is the right time to take your multimeter reading. First of all, keep your black probe and red probe in the hot prong. If you get the actual voltage then write down this reading. Now you can change your probe and keep both of the different hot prongs. In this case, if you get any voltage then write down this reading and confirm that you are getting actual voltage, and the supply system is in good shape and you can do your operation for 220 volts.

Final thought

The multimeter is an essential device and it is one of the efficient devices that is used to measure electrical quantity like voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, inductance, and others. However, we have explained how to check 220 voltage with a multimeter. We hope that you can easily figure out the voltage and that you also know how to measure voltage. So, stay with openread to get more about electrical and electronics.
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