What Do You Mean by Ton in Air Conditioner?

A young boy (25 years old) Willis Carrier created a cooling system in the 19th century in the United States in New York City. The carrier experimented to remove heat from the room and keep it cool. Basically, the air-conditioning unit works by removing warm air from the room inside and releasing cool air into the room. Basically, Freon gas is used in the AC compressor. Whenever refrigerant gas flow through the evaporator then this gas absorbs the room temperature and keeps cool. But what is Ton in air conditioner? Ton is a cooling capacity per hour. So, let’s find the meaning of Ton in air conditioning system.

What is BTU in AC?

We know that BTU is a British Thermal Unit. BTU is the unit of heat. Basically, Joule (J) is the SI (International System Unit) unit of heat. But many engineers use traditional unit BTUs as the heating unit. But the standard unit for the rate of heat is the watt (W). BTU unit is used in the air conditioning energy measurement.  It means, how much energy is used to remove heat from the room within one hour. It is noted that AC means not AC power it is used here for conditioning purposes.

What Do You Mean by Ton in Air Conditioner?

Ton is not a weight. It is the amount of heat released from the room in an hour. In short, how much heat can be removed from a room and cool a room by AC in an hour is referred to Ton. Ton can be expressed as 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, 5 Ton, etc. 1 Ton in an Air conditioner is equal to 12000 BTU (British Thermal Unit). 1.5 Ton is equal to 18000 BTU, 2 Ton is equal to 24000 BTU, and 5 Ton is 60000 BTU.

What Does 1 Ton Mean in Air Conditioning?

1 Ton AC does not mean the weight of the air conditioner. Though a Ton is a unit of weight but there is no relation between this weight and with air conditioner. However, 1 Ton AC means this air conditioning system removes the 12000 BTU or 3024 Kcal/hour or 4120K Joule heat from the room within 1 hour. So, we can say ton is the rate of the cooling capacity of a room in one hour.

What Is 1.5 Ton in AC Means?

Basically, 1.5 Ton AC means 1.5 Ton AC can completely remove the room temperature of 18000 BTU per hour. It means that 1.5 Ton unit has a cooling capacity and is equal to the heat amount to melt 1.5 Tons or (3000 pounds) of ice in 24 hours. It is noted that 1.5 Ton air conditioning unit has the capacity to melt 1.5 Ton ice. This cooling capacity is expressed in BTU (British Thermal Unit).  

What Does A 2 Ton Air Conditioner Mean?

 Basically, Tons are cooling power units. 2 Ton air conditioner has a higher cooling capacity than 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton air conditioner. 2 Ton AC contains 24000 BTU per hour. 2 Ton AC can provide 24000 BTU energy to remove heat from the room and keep it cool. It is noted that we know that Ton doesn’t refer to the weight, it is the amount of heat an air conditioner can remove from a space.

One Ton of Air Conditioning Is Equal to How Many BTU?

One Ton of air conditioning is equal to 12000 BTU (British Thermal Unit). 1 Ton air conditioning is equal to 3516.8528420667 J/s and 3024 Kcal/hr.

1 Ton Ac Means How Much Watts?

Suppose you have 1 Ton AC but how much 1 Ton AC watt will it consume? Or how to find the watt or KW. In this case, you have considered two things: AC cooling capacity and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). You may collect it from the AC nameplate. However, if your1 Ton AC has 3500 watts and EER is 3.65 then your cooling capacity will be 1 * 3500 watts = 3500 watts

Now, the power consumption of AC is = cooling capacity / Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

 power consumption of AC = 3500 watt/ 3.65 = 959 watts.

So, your 1 Ton AC will consume 959 watts per hour.

Is 1 Ton AC Enough for 250 Sq Ft House?

Sometimes yes. Otherwise, you should require more than that. However, we will show you a simple calculation that how to decide an AC for your room. You can easily calculate it. Basically, 1 Ton ac room size depends on some factors such as

  • Room length (in feet)
  • Room width (in feet)
  • Height of the room
  • Number of people in the room
  • How long does your room get sunlight?
  • Is it beside the kitchen or not?

It is noted that you have to convert length and width into square feet. However, I am showing a general calculation that how much Ton AC is enough for a 250 sq ft house. Suppose you have 15 feet in length, 12 feet in width, and 8 feet in height room. In this case, follow a simple formula = (15 * 12 * 8) = 1440 CU feet (Cubic feet).

It is noted that you should require 1000 Cubic feet = 1 Ton AC

Let’s divide the actual value = 1440/1000 = 1.44 Ton AC

So, you require 1.5 Ton AC for 1440 Cubic feet

Which AC is Suitable for a 12×12 Room?

If your room size is 12 * 12 = 144 feet, then how much Ton you should select. Let’s see the same calculation again

Suppose your room length is 12 feet width is 12 feet and height is 8 feet.

In this case, length * width * height = 12 * 12 * 8 = 1152 cubic feet

We know 1000 cubic feet room require 1 Ton AC.

So, an 1152 cubic feet size room requires 1.5 Ton AC.

You should remember that

1000 cubic feet room require = 1 Ton AC

1000 – 1500 cubic feet require = 1.5 Ton AC

1500 – 2000 cubic feet require = 2 Ton AC

However, this cubic range may increase if your room is located beside the kitchen, if the number of people becomes more and most of the time sunshine.  

How Much Ton AC Required for 200 Square Feet?

If I talk about the square feet of room size, then we should require:

1 Ton AC can be needed for = 100 to 150 square feet

1.5 Ton AC can be needed for = 150 to 200 square feet

2 Ton AC can be needed for = 200 to 250 square feet

3 Ton air conditioner is required for = 250 to 300 square feet

It is noted that these ranges can be changed if the room is crowded, beside the kitchen, and direct sunlight falls on the ceiling. In this case, you have to choose lower higher capacity AC than those.

How Much Area Will A 2 Ton AC Cover?

2 Ton AC produces 24000 BTU cooling output and 2 Ton AC watt is generally 1714 wat. However, 2 Ton AC covers around 160 to 180 square feet of room. But if this room become on the top floor, direct sunlight on this room, many peoples are there. In this case, you have to choose a higher capacity AC (3 Ton).

Which Gas Is Used in Air Conditioners?

The most common refrigerant gases used in air conditioners are hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). It is sometimes called R-410A (Puron) and R-32. These gases are widely used as alternatives to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). CFCs and HCFCs have been phased out due to their harmful effects on the ozone layer. R-410A and R-32 are considered more environmentally friendly. It is because they have zero ozone depletion potential. They are also efficient at absorbing and releasing heat, making them suitable for cooling purposes in air conditioning systems.

Does Air Conditioner Harm for Us?

While air conditioners offer relief from the sweltering heat, they do have potential drawbacks. Excessive reliance on air conditioning can create a stark contrast between indoor and outdoor temperatures. It may strain our bodies as we transition between environments. Extended exposure to artificially cool air can cause dryness, potentially leading to skin irritation and respiratory discomfort., if air conditioners are not cleaned and maintained regularly, they can be harmful and worsen air quality, triggering allergies or respiratory issues.

Final Thought

Ton in air conditioner is mainly a room cooling capacity and heat removing in an hour. But you should keep focusing on some necessary things. Whenever you will install split AC then you must make sure that your room is airtight, and that there is no way to open and close the door intermittently. So, take a look at how to select AC according to your room size. So, get in touch with openread to know more innovative things.

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