How to Test 24v Transformer with Multimeter?

How to Test 24v Transformer with Multimeter

What is transformer testing? The transformer is a device that is used to transfer energy from low voltage to high voltage or high voltage to low voltage. Generally, transformer primary and secondary winding depend on the number of turns of the transformer winding. However, though transformer is an electromechanical and high efficient device. Sometimes fault … Read more

Industrial Automation


How to learn industrial automation? The Modicon Company invented the first PLC, which is known as Snyder Company, called Sequence Controller. In 1969, model 084 was named Morley, Morley, is the mother of PLC, but it was not marketed commercially. In 1973, Michael Greenberg invented the PLC commercially with 184 models. The automation system is … Read more

Automation & Control Systems


What is an automation System? The automation system is the controlling process. Whereas electrical or electromechanical machines are equipped and are controlled by the logical programming application this is called automation. The automation system is widely used in industrial controlling applications to reduce labor costs, save production places, increase productivity, and other advantages. A Control system means … Read more

Synchronous Motor


Synchronous Motor What do you mean by Synchronous Motor? The synchronous motor is a constant speed motor. The rotor is normally rotating at the same speed as the rotating magnetic field on the motor. The stator is similar to an induction machine consisting of a cylindrical iron frame with windings, usually located in three-stage slots around the … Read more

Single Phase Induction Motor

single phase induction motor

Single-Phase Induction Motor What is Induction Motor? A motor can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The rotational part of this mechanical energy motor that rotates is called the rotor. And the part of the motor that is stationary is called the stator. In DC motors, we send the armature directly through the DC brush … Read more

Three Phase Induction Motor

three phase induction motor

What is a 3-Phase Induction Motor? The three phase induction motor is a rotating electronic machine that is operated for a three-phase supply. This 3-phase induction motor is also called an asynchronous motor. These AC motors are of two types such as squirrel cage and slip-ring type 3-phase induction motor. A 3-phase induction motor (A.C.) consists of … Read more

Electrical Power Transformer

electrical power transformer

What is an Electrical Transformer? An electrical transformer is a stationary device where the AC supply voltage is increased or decreased concerning the current. The electrical power transformer is widely used in the power sector. Like generating station, an electrical substation, it means that Transformer is used where the voltage level is changed. On the other hand, a … Read more

Electrical Interview


Important Electrical viva Questions What is RMS and how much is its value? RMS stands for Root Mean Square, the amount of heat generated by a certain amount of direct current (DC) flowing in a circuit over a period of time requires the same amount of alternating current (AC) to flow in that electrical circuit. This … Read more

DC Motor

DC Motor working principle

What is DC motor? DC motor converts D.C. electrical energy into mechanical energy. The DC motor works on, or the principle of operation of DC motor is that when a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, the conductor experiences a mechanical force. Fleming gives the direction of this force left-hand rule. DC motor working principle … Read more

DC Generator


What is DC generator? The machine is an important thing that reduces human effort. A D.C. generator is an electrical rotating machine whose primary function is to convert mechanical energy into electricity. When the conductor cut magnetic flux, an emf is induced by Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction process. D.C. generator working principle is almost … Read more



Definition of Alternator An alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy in alternating current. Most of the alternators use a rotating magnetic field with a stationary armature. The Alternator is used at an electrical generating station and other power generation sectors. An alternator is a machine that is used to generate electrical … Read more