Average Cost of Solar Panels for 2000 sq ft Home

What Do You Mean by Solar Panel Cost?

The solar panel is a commercial electronic device used to generate DC electricity and convert it into AC electrical energy. The solar panel cost is an essential factor. There are three main types of solar panels and they have almost the same cost limit. However, the monocrystalline solar panel is a high-efficiency solar panel. But the average efficiency of the solar panel is more than 20%, and it costs $1 to $1.50 per watt. Thin film solar panel cost is almost the same as the monocrystalline solar panel, such as $1 to $1.50 per watt. Polycrystalline solar is a less efficient solar panel than monocrystalline solar panels. So, polycrystalline solar panels cost $0.90 to $1 per watt in the USA. It is noted that the solar panel costs can be different because the cost of solar panels depends on some crucial factors. However, let’s broadly discuss the average cost of solar panels for a 2000 sq ft home and some others else.

What is the Cost of Solar Panels for 3 Bedrooms House?

Creating the average amount of energy that will be utilized by the American houses of 2000 sq. ft might require 16 to 21 solar panels. The house which has a better south-facing roof will receive a better amount of sunlight every day.

To measure how much KW of solar panels is needed if the annual energy usage of the average house. Basically, it is divided by the average number of energy which can generate one kilowatt of solar panels every year, and later on. It will be divided by the outcome of the number of kilowatts. Solar panels can generate a better amount of electricity from the sun.

KW of solar required = (The house’s annual energy usage (kWh) )/(Annual energy generated by the 1kW of solar)

Number of panels required = (kW of solar required)/(kW generated by the one panel)

Along with the increase in the price of electricity from many other traditional sources. Many families are installing solar panels since the costs of installing solar panels are gradually decreasing in the foreseeable future. The price of the solar panels for the 3 bedrooms house might be between $15,000 and $40,000.

In the United States, many standard three bedrooms houses are within 2000 square feet, and homes might be greater or lower than this square foot. In this kind of house, more than two or more four people can stay, depending on the usage of energy. The price might be charged higher or even less than the expectation. The price of installing a solar panel over the roof of a 3-bedroom house is regulated by some important factors, such as

  • The capacity determination of the rooftop to understand how much sunshine can gather
  • How much energy the house can absorb on average and how much money can be spent to buy the utilities
  • The average price of installing a solar panel system within the specified area
  • The average labor price within an area.
  • Allowance and incentives will be accessible and provided within the specified area

Solar installations with low prices are attributed to forward downward. As a consequence, many persons who want to install solar panels in their houses can easily afford them and install them as soon as possible.

                 Number of Panels            Standard Price (Installed)
                         1 Panel                     $250 to $600
                        8 Panels                  $2,000 to $4,800
                      10 Panels                  $2,500 to $6,000
                      12 Panels                  $3,000 to $7,200
                      16 Panels                  $4,000 to $9,600
                      20 Panels                  $5,000 to $12,000
                      24 Panels
                  $6,000 to $14,400  

Price of One Solar Panel

The price of a mid-range solar panel installation or photo voltaic panel in 2023 is rated at 380 to 420 watts and will cost between $200 to $315 (the price of the installed panel). It is noted that if you require other things labor, permits, design, and other equipment, then you may require $1000 for a panel and a ground-mounted system will run about $1200 per panel. It is noted that it is an estimated cost.

The cost may be higher or lower depending on the installation process and solar panel quality. However, the price of the frame, any batteries, inverter, and other requisites that are maintained to operate the solar panels. Their price depends upon the number of watts generated by the panel. On average, the cost of the solar panel is $1 to $1.5 per watt along with the size ranges from 250 to 600 watts panel. 

Price of Eight Solar Panel

The price of installing the eight solar panels might cost around $2,000 to $4,800. These prices are directed by the number of watts that will be generated from each panel. It will be very helpful if add some more panels along with the lower wattages or along with higher wattages. The entire cost of the project impacts the panel location, panel size, and the number of panels. 

Price of Ten Solar Panels

The 8 solar panel installation price in the USA depends on a number of factors, such as the PV panel size, efficiency, labor costs in your area, and others. However, if your select 200-watt panel and solar panel cost becomes $1.5 per watt. In this case, 8 solar panel systems would cost between $2400. The price of the entire is regulated by the number of watts generated by each panel. Although, the superior panels are expensive since they generate better watts. Due to this reason, some people may use less expensive solar panels to experience greater efficiency. 

Price of Twelve Solar Panels

The price of installing twelve solar panels is $3,000 to $7,000( the price of the installation and panels). Along with the price, any extra job-related elements or any other charges of installation are not added. The entire price depends on the number of watts that will be generated through each panel. Panels with extra watts are can be expensive but you can receive better energy to generate electricity if more panels are added. 

Price of Sixteen Solar Panels

The price of installing the sixteen solar panels is $4,000 and $9,600. It only involves the price of the installation and panels but it may not involve the price of frames, inverters, or any other relevant elements. These prices are determined by how many watts are generated from each panel. Although the exclusive panels are expensive, they can generate better watts to produce electricity. The concept states that some people may use fewer panels to generate and experience a better amount of energy. 

Price of Twenty Solar Panels

The price of installing twenty solar panels is $5,000 and $12,000 (the price of the installation and price). The price of the panels depends on how many watts can be generated. A regular panel can generate 250 watts but the exclusive panels can generate 650 watts. As a consequence, you might be paying for more panels and getting better electricity from some selected panels which have better wattages. 

Price of Thirty Solar Panels

The price of installing thirty solar panels is $7,500 and $18,000. The price of entire panels depends on the number of watts that are produced by each panel. The expensive panels can generate 600 watts and the normal panel can generate 250 watts. The variant of 600 watts might require little panels which can generate electricity.

To determine how many solar panels you need, it is important to determine the location of your home address, the direction of the roof, and yearly electricity usage. To know how much energy is being consumed in the home, you can go through utility bills where you can see how many kilowatt hours you have used in the last month. And you can easily observe the result of past years’ usage.

On average, houses in the United States absorb 900 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month or nearly 11,000 kWh per annum. For this, you need to analyze the power bills. The system of 3kWh solar panels can produce 6,000 to 8,000 kWh per annum. The system of 5kWh can produce 6,000 to 8,000 kWh per annum, while on the contrary, the system of 10kWh can produce 12,000 to 16,000 kWh per annum. 

If we think about the size of the solar system, the price of the solar panels is between $4,000 to $16,000. To buy some important elements, for instance, wiring equipment, panel racks, the price of solar inverter, and the entire equipment for installing the solar pane. It might cost around $3,000 to $10,000 which might reach towards $20,000.

What is the Solar Panel Cost Per Square Foot in the USA?

Many houses in the USA are within 2,000 square feet and many residents utilize 10,800 kilowatts per annum. This difference between the numbers depends on the verities of houses, for instance, one parent family. 

The state where you are residing now dictates the effectiveness of the solar panels. In Arizona, at the highest, one kilowatt (kW) solar panels can generate 1,900 kWh per annum. In Michigan within the low end, 1 kW of solar panels can generate 1,400 kWh. In Michigan, to generate 10,800 kWh of solar energy. It is very important to install 7.7 kW solar, and for Arizona, you might need 5.7 kW of solar to generate 10,800 kWh and the result can be estimated by dividing 10,800 by 1,900. 

Some companies such as Silfab and Qcells operate within an average solar panel of 370 watts to receive a final result. It is important to divide the kilowatts of solar by 0.37 and later on round the answer to know the actual result. 

Many experts in the industry observe the average price of solar panels. They look for those solar panels for which the potential customers are attracted to pay for their solar panels. It easily indicates how much dollars are paid per watt. In the United States, the average price of any solar installation was $3.20 per watt in 2023. 

The average price of a 6-kilowatt (kW) solar panel system installation in the USA is $20,650 after taking into account the federal solar tax credit. It is enough to power the average American home. We know that the price can vary depending on the size of the system. We have referred some of the states with the highest average solar installation costs for your privileges.

  • California: $26,000
  • Hawaii: $25,000
  • Massachusetts: $24,000
  • New York: $23,000
  • New Jersey: $22,000
  • North Carolina: $15,000
  • South Carolina: $14,000
  • Tennessee: $13,000
  • Oklahoma: $12,000
  • Arkansas: $11,000

The best way is to get quotes from several different installers. This will help you compare prices and find the best deal.

The Average Cost of Solar Panels

Price  Cost
                Average Price                         $16,000
                Lowest Price                         $3,500
                Highest Price                         $35,000

The Price of Solar Panels by State

Price evaluation and price of solar panels differ by region and state. The average cost of solar panels can be different depending on the states in the USA. In many regions of the United States, during the summer days, they arrange robust incentive programs but not all the regions are experiencing the best level of development.

StateAverage Price for 6kW system with 26% Federal Tax Credit AppliedAverage Price of grid power  (July 2023)Average Household KWH use per monthDerived Estimated Yearly Savings Assuming 100% Solar Coverage Of Electronical NeedsDerived Estimated Number Of Year to “Break Even” Operating Investment
Alabama$10,14214.99kWh1,144.77$2,059.21    4.93
 Alaska$9,95624.25 kWh552.29$1,607.16    6.19
Arizona$10,12313.08 kWh1,113.69$1,748.05    5.79
Arkansas$10,88812.74 kWh1,060.04$1,620.59    6.72
California$11,27826.77 kWh604.91$1,943.21    5.8
Colorado$12,65414.52 kWh711.1$1,239.02  10.21
Connecticut$11,50023.37 kWh702.76$1,970.82     5.84
Delaware$11,32213.42 kWh934.53$1,504.97    7.52
District of Columbia$11,63313.78 kWh630.55$1,042.68  11.16
Florida$10,30113.95 kWh1,141.50$1,910.875.39
Georgia$11,72216.02 kWh1,081.17$2,078.445.64
Hawaii$14,47444.81 kWh537.15$2,888.365.01
Idaho$12,65411.22 kWh955.28$1,286.199.84
Indiana Illinois$11,322 $12,38815.03 kWh 16.61 kWh938.22 697.97$1,692.17 $1,391.196.69 8.9
Kansas$9,88114.91 kWh883.18$1,580.196.25
Kentucky$9,64113.24 kWh1,073.17$1,705.055.65
Lowa$10,47815.61 kWh865.03$1,620.376.47
Louisiana$11,58813.81 kWh1,200.58$1,989.605.82
Maine$11,89423.11 kWh566.83$1,571.937.57
Maryland$11,50014.28 kWh964.17$1,652.206.96
Massachusetts$12,16623.93 kWh610.26$1,752.426.94
Michigan$11,85518.03 kWh675.6$1,461.738.11
Minnesota$12,78715.15 kWh774.81$1,408.609.08
Mississippi$13,44212.35 kWh1,146.33$1,698.867.91
Montana$12,25411.71 kWh858.24$1,206.0010.16
Nebraska$11,70712.03 kWh1,013.19$1,462.648
Nevada$10,92213.50 kWh970.67$1,572.496.95
New Hampshire$12,92021.82 kWh622.41$1,629.727.93
New Jersey$10,74517.21kWh673.24$1,390.387.73
New Mexico$12,34315.09 kWh669.89$1,213.0410.18
New York$11,76621.88 kWh599.78$1,574.787.47
North Carolina$10,39012.03 kWh1,040.83$1,502.546.91
North Dakota$10,03112.54 kWh1,085.26$1,633.106.14
Ohio$10,65614.86 kWh888.02$1,583.526.73
Oregon$11,14411.74 kWh916.27$1,290.848.63
Pennsylvania$11,41116.63 kWh821.88$1,640.146.96
Rhode Island$11,98819.44 kWh598.93$1,397.188.58
South Carolina$12,21014.26 kWh1,080.70$1,849.296.6
South Dakota$10,01613.05kWh1,036.73$1,623.526.17
Tennessee$10,29313.09 kWh1,168.32$1,835.205.61
Texas$10,96713.53 kWh1,131.93$1,837.805.97
Utah$11,41111.49 kWh768.85$1,060.0910.76
Vermont$12,29920.24 kWh567.13$1,377.458.93
Virginia$11,65014.42 kWh1,095.21$1,895.156.15
Washington$10,39010.42 kWh969.49$1,212.158.57
West Virginia$10,92513.76 kWh1,051.24$1,735.816.29
Wisconsin Wyoming$13,009 $10,62615.59 kWh 11.81 kWh694.24 869.33$1,298.78 $1,232.0110.02 8.62

Features that Affect the Solar Panel Costs

Due to some cases, solar panels are cost-effective. You may see here how much money do solar panels save. Many features are directly involved with the price of the solar panels which are directly associated with the house and the electricity that is being used. You can easily evaluate some features that are being affected by the calculated solar panel price:

While estimating the price of the solar panel, the number of panels, and its weight. It is very important to decide which solar panels are necessary besides it is worth knowing 

  • How much electricity is being used for the household?
  • Number of panels, size, and weight.
  • How many capacities have been used on the roof?
  • For how long the sun is providing sunshine to the house, the wattage, and the efficiency of the Photovoltaic Solar Panels you might need to install.

Solar Industries

The price of the solar panels depends on the industry of solar panels you have selected. It is very important to select better solar panels from the better industries of the solar panel. 

Federal Solar Tax Credit

You can easily earn credits for income taxes from federal solar tax credit while installing better solar panels for your home which lessens the tax bill. You can easily have access to receive your certificates and any other important for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for installing solar panels between 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2023.


The prices of the solar panels depend upon the differences in the size system and trends of local quoting. Different states have different sizes of the average system incentives.

Roof Pitch

The characteristics of the roof, for instance, the roof pitch can be evaluated by the price of the solar panel. It is not the best to install the systems of solar panels into a better roof nor else might the experts who will be charged to install the solar panels charge a high expense to install the solar panels. 

Solar Panel Efficiency

The solar panel efficiency varies with the amount of sunshine that falls to the surface of the solar panels which are reshaped into thermal energy. The most efficient solar panels are always considered the Monocrystalline solar panels since they have a different and unique complex construction they are expensive solar panels.

Polycrystalline solar panels create better effects and generate efficiency and it is less expensive than Monocrystalline solar panels. Thin film PV cells are inexpensive solar panels that generate less efficiency than the other type of solar panels. Let’s see how to improve solar panel efficiency.

Solar Panel Industrialist

The price and quality of the solar panels entirely depend on the industrialist of the solar panels. In general, many industrialists observe the quality of the solar panels, and the ranges of the price whether the solar panels are being sold at a high or low price. Most industrialists can make a thermal solar power plant to meet their load demand.

Types of Solar Panel

For household use, there are three types of solar panels, Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, and Thin-Film. The Monocrystalline solar panels have a better efficiency which costs around $1 to $1.50 per watt and these solar panels are best for the home. Polycrystalline solar panels generate low efficiency which costs around $0.90 to $1 per watt. The price of thin film solar panels is between $1 to $1.50 per watt.

Brand and Quality of the Panel

Solar panels highly depend on the quality and a better brand which motivates and encourages potential customers to buy and recommend it to someone else. Regarding the quality of the panel to a degree, the price for which you have paid for the solar panel brand is ruminative.

For instance, the systems that use SunPower have a better highest average prices (for a 6 kW system it’s $22,140 and for a 10 kW system. It’s $36,900) and SunPower makes better and high-efficiency products. Some factors impact the system of the final price, which include, location, inverter brand, installer experience, racking equipment warranty, and many more.


Different solar industries charge different rates for the laborer’s hard work. You might look for those solar panels which perform well and are also known as a respectable company and you may spend for those solar panels which might take a few moments to install. The provided price depends on the evaluations which involve, the installer’s track record, and operations of internal and warranty offerings. Experienced and professional workers can charge high prices to install solar panels which can bring virtue. 

Interconnection and Permitting

The interconnection fees and the price of solar permits are factors. Consistently, when you will receive the documents of solar permit and reward some fees to receive the systems of solar energy associated to the grid. An approved interconnection known as the “Department of Energy’s SolarApp+ is attempting towards the processes of interconnection that is quicker and cheaper. 

It is always better to install solar panels in the wintertime. The demand to install solar panels during the winter season is low and due to this reason, the price to install the solar panels must be low. The solar panels will generate electricity during cloudy weather even they will generate better and more energy than in the months of summer.

It is wise to install solar panels during winter since it is cost-effective and efficient. You can easily install solar panels since few people install solar panels and the experts will install the solar panels as soon as possible which will be running within no time. 

There are some factors through which you can observe how much solar panels include. How much sunlight is falling into the surface of the solar panels? On which angle the solar panel has been installed and the sizes of the solar panel system. The rates of electricity are the most important factor which can help to save money for installing a better solar panel.

It is important to calculate how much electricity you spend per year to know how much money you can easily save from solar panels. For instance, A American Family spends more than $1,450 per annum on electricity. It is wise to analyze the rates of utility which tend to rise within by 2.2% per annum.

There is an online calculator, through which you can easily evaluate how much you can experience as annual savings by simply putting in some information. It involves the usage of the electricity, location, and the present average price of installing solar panels within your area. There is a common misunderstanding that states that solar panels can lessen electricity bills but solar panels can lessen monthly electricity bills which can be worth the investment. 

Due to its significant investment, the members of the home can experience less costs for utility bills whenever the solar panels are installed. For householders, the overall price of solar panels is $16,000 to $36,000. There are some ways through which you can easily pay for your solar panels. 

Solar Loans

Solar Loans help you to finance early for solar panels that can lessen financial stress. Along with that, you can easily install solar panels and begin to use them for your purpose with small to no money down. The plan of payment includes monthly payments above the duration of time along with the interest added. 

Cash-out Refinance 

If you are willing to refinance your mortgage, you can simply go for the cash-out refinance. This procedure guides to taking money from the owner’s equity that the homeowners often try their best to pay for other relevant debts.


To tackle the power of alternative energy at a low monthly rate, it is truly crucial to rent solar panels. Nevertheless, it is good to know that you may not receive any benefits of tax since you don’t own those solar panels. 

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

There is another option for finance known as the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) that guides you to utilize it as a lower-interest credit card which helps to access the cash for the project home. 


You can easily own the solar panel installation if you have enough cash in the bank. Completely, owning solar panels you can easily experience the benefits of rebates and tax incentives.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Solar Leases 

Within some states, homeowners can easily finance solar panels which are known as power purchase agreements (PPAs). The PPA indicates that a third party will install the solar systems over the rooftop and on the other side; you will have to pay for your energy every month. Some PPA’s secure for the set rate but some people have to experience a different payment schedule which keeps rising every year.

Some family members use 11,000 kWh per annum and it requires 26 to 33 solar panels to fulfill the requirements of the house. The solar thermal panel creates better energy that generates heat for a family of four. How many solar panels are necessary to install which is depending on the location and size? 

Many states maintain a solar production ratio of 1.3 to 1.6 which states that an 8kWh system generates more than 30% energy or on average 10,600 kWh per annum. To measure how many solar panels you might need, it is wise to observe per year kWh usage from the utility bills. For instance, if you live in Texas with a score of 1400 and you might need an 8kWh system. This formula will guide you towards a better estimation of how much electricity can be generated from the 8kWh can be generated per year. 

                                           1400 8kWh × 0.78 = 8,736 kWh

Price of Solar Panel per Watt

The price of the residential solar panel is $2.53 to $3.15 per watt, maximum spend of $2.70 per watt before any incentives or tax credits. The prices of commercial panels are $1.83 per watt. The ratings of solar systems are entirely based on the electricity that has been generated annually within average conditions. 

Price of Solar Panel per KWh

The price of residential solar panels is $0.80 to $0.10 kWh on average and the price of commercial solar panels is $0.06 to $0.08 per kilowatt hour. Along with the price Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) is included and it also depends on the installed solar panels and the amount of sunlight. 

Price of Solar Panel per Square Foot 

To generate electricity for the whole house, the prices of solar panels are $4 to $10 per square foot. Although many installers think that the price of the solar panels according to the amount of electricity the house might be within $2.53 to $3.15 per watt before incentives or tax credits.

On average, the price of solar panels is $112 to $450 or it remains between $0.75 to $1.50 per watt which respectively depends on the rates of energy efficiency, type of panels, and size. The solar companies spend more than $0.75 per watt but the maximum homeowners spend $1 to buy per watt.

Many wholesalers sell solar panels to local contractors at a wholesale price in bulk. Appointing an expert solar installer lessens the price of the overall equipment. Some extra fees are included with an installation which includes, mounting hardware, inverter, batteries, wiring, and more.

The Lease Price of Solar Panel 

The lease prices of the solar panels are $100 per month which has been estimated within average. Depending on the size and location the spending may rise by $50 to $250 per month. Leasing solar panels are the most profitable option. This solution saves up to $50 to $100 per month from electricity bills with a small to no down payment. The companies leasing solar panels are solely responsible for the fees of maintenance and installation for those moments you have contracted.

It would be very difficult if a person transfers the lease to some other buyer then that person needs to charge extra fees to end the agreement of the lease. The solar panels that generate 100% electricity the monthly price can reach $10 for the fees of minor grid-tied connections. The system of the off-grid contains no monthly costs than the costs of general maintenance. 

Final Thought

Indeed not only for solar panel cost varies from time to time. We have discussed the average cost of solar panels for 2000 sq ft home. We have also shown a chart of the cost of solar panels the average cost of solar panels is $16000, the low cost is $3500, and the high cost is $35000. But it can be different depending on the time changes. For this reason, you should go to the shop or any solar panel provider and discuss the solar panel cost.

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