How Does McDonald’s Mobile Ordering Work?

Mobile ordering app is an application. By which people can place an order for delivery and collect something systematically. However, the McDonald’s mobile app is an application where people can place orders, see McDonald’s deals, restaurant opening time and closing time, and many more things. But how does McDonald’s mobile ordering work? Indeed, there is a process to place an order, how to approve the order, and customer get their delicious food. So, let’s see how does McDonald’s mobile order works.

How Does Mobile Ordering at McDonalds Work?

Everything you need to know about the new McDonald’s mobile app: it’s all the things you love about McDonald’s after your finger touch. However, in this section, I will let you know about McDonald’s mobile orders and how does it work. In that case, people must require to install a McDonald’s mobile app and sign up. Alright, take a look at how does McDonald’s mobile ordering works or how to pick up food from McDonald’s dining or restaurants through a few steps.

Few Steps of App Working Process and Drive Thru

Download and install the McDonald’s mobile app and sign up. Open your McDonald’s app and check your favorite deals  

Now click on the McDonald’s deals.

After choosing your favorite deal then click on that button.

Suppose you have selected that item and hit that.

Now confirm the deal that you have selected before.

Now your item has been nicely selected. In that case, you have to provide the cost of your ordered McDonald’s item. You can choose any type of payment threshold (master card, Apple Pay, and others) from this section. I have a question here, how will I link my card for payment in the McDonald’s app? Alright, follow these simple steps to link your card for payment in the app.

  • Go to ‘Earn Points’ in the McDonald’s app
  • Select “Pay with Linked Card” at the top
  • Insert your card information and hit save

If you would like to edit or replace something.

  • Select ‘More’ at the bottom right
  • Go to “Profile”
  • Select “Payment Methods”

Now it is time to recheck your ordered item and price. It means to see the order summary. 

Now your order has been done and the order has been accepted by McDonald’s or McDonald’s app order in progress. Now go to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant and collect your order.

Whenever you reach your nearest McDonald’s restaurant then you will be sent a notification with a McDonald’s order code.

Now stay drive-thru window and they will let you know from which window or from which McDonald’s dining you will collect your order.

So, this is a simple McDonald’s mobile order pickup process. This entire process is called McDonald’s mobile order drive-thru. So, get your deal and enjoy.

Is There Any Easiest Way to Know Which Restaurants Are Participating in Mobile Ordering?

Yes, McDonald’s order and pay will be appeared in the app, if you turn on the location tracking service. Its range maybe 5 miles or more than that. If any restaurant participates in mobile ordering and payment service, then you can see it from your McDonald’s mobile app.

On the other hand, you can search on a map to identify nearer McDonald’s restaurant that participates in mobile ordering service. If the restaurant participates then a user will see the ‘’order here’’ and detail page.   

Can You Use the McDonald’s App in The Drive Thru?

Yes, you can use the app in McDonald’s drive-thru. In that case, you need to install the app on your mobile, sign in, and check the participating restaurant in your captured area. I have shown above how does McDonald’s mobile ordering works and the drive-thru process. So, follow those steps, make an order, and enjoy your deals.

What Is the Advantage of Using the McDonald’s Mobile App?

There are many privileges of using McDonald’s mobile app to get delicious McDonald’s food. So, take a look few of them

  • This app allows the users to check the menu, promotional offers, locations, drive-thru, and the app also saves time in making an order.
  • McDonald’s mobile app users can place an order in advance to pick up the food from the McDonald’s counter or via McDonald’s drive-thru.
  • App users often get exclusive discounts and deals.
  • This app has the easiest payment system for mobile users. That’s why people don’t hassle of making payments for their special deals.  
  • App users can earn points on every food order that can be redeemed for free food and drinks.

How to View Orders on the McDonald’s App?

Millions of people use McDonald’s mobile app to get deals due to numerous privileges. However, viewing McDonald’s orders is a simple thing by using the mobile app. In that case, click on the McDonald’s app home screen.

You will see the menu and deals on the different types of Items. Now click on the order button to see all the deals that are available for order.

Now select your deal, which one you are looking for make an order.

You can choose some drink items, such as some other hot drinks and some other cold drinks. Remember, if you select any sub-item then an extra amount will be added.

After selecting those, you will be in this stage. Now hit that button and go to another page

These are showing you the deals with points.

Now hit this button and you will see this type of interface that will contain code, and card options. Now add your card make payment and get your McDonald’s happy meal.

It is noted that this code and payment can differ depending on the McDonald’s restaurant locations. So, follow all the steps to get McDonald’s food.

What is McDonald’s Curbside Pickup?

McDonald’s curbside pickup is a food delivery service. If a customer placed an order through the McDonald’s app and picked up that food item by themselves from a designated curbside pickup area. Which is called McDonald’s curbside pickup. This system is open for pickup customer convenience. Those are not interested in sitting at McDonald’s dining or restaurants due to their busyness. They can take a test of McDonald’s deals by receiving food.   

How to Cancel McDonald’s Mobile Order?

Suppose you have placed a mobile order to get McDonald’s food, by any chance you are thinking cancel that mobile order in that case, how to get a McDonald’s refund mobile order? However, I am going to refer here to McDonald’s mobile order refund step by step.

  • First of all, reach out to the McDonald’s location from where you have purchased before.
  • Now clearly explain your issues with your mobile order (why do you want to cancel the order).
  • You should have your receipt ready as proof of purchase.
  • Make sure that your refund is made within 30 days of purchase.
  • It may take almost 10 business days for the refund to your bank account if you use your debit or credit card whenever you make a purchase.

It is noted that you must adhere to the McDonald’s store instructions if you would like to refund or exchange.

Final Thought

There are numerous advantages of McDonald’s mobile ordering, such as earning points, getting updates about new deals, easy orders, and many more things. in the above stage, I have shown how to make orders for drive-thru using the mobile app and how does McDonald’s mobile app works, McDonald’s order online pickup, and others. Hopefully, that can help the McDonald’s lovers to get their delicious McDonald’s deals.

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