Difference Between Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Resources

Let’s define renewable and nonrenewable resources. Renewable energy source means that energy can be used again and again and has no chance to end such energy source is called renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, etc. These are renewable resources examples and this energy comes from the natural source. These are the major energy sources used to convert into electrical energy. The world peoples also looking for a renewable energy source instead of nonrenewable energy sources. So let’s see, what is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources?  

What is a nonrenewable resource?

That energy is not rechargeable which means if any energy reservation ends but we cannot use it again such resource is called nonrenewable energy resources. Examples of nonrenewable resources are coal, oil, gas, etc. Nowadays nonrenewable energy resources becoming more used to generate electricity. It is because these are easy to obtain and we can easily convert them into electricity by a special plant. Unfortunately, these are depleting arithmetically. However, take a look at the comparison and contrast between renewable and nonrenewable resources.

What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources?

There is some comparison of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. If we make compare and contrast renewable and nonrenewable energy then it will be easy to use. However, if we make some comparison between renewable and nonrenewable energy then we will see that renewable energy is superior to nonrenewable energy.

Most natural energy sources oil, coal, gas, and petroleum were found many centuries ago. But we have found renewable energy sources a few decades ago. We are human beings we are directly dependent on such energy sources. Indeed after a few decades, we will lose nonrenewable energy resources. For this reason, we have to find some rechargeable energy sources. However, we will figure out what is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy resources, and let’s go to compare renewable and nonrenewable energy.

Renewable Energy SourcesNonrenewable Energy Sources
Nonrenewable energy releases more carbon compared of renewable energy sources and it is harmful to the environment.  Nonrenewable energy is not rechargeable. It has duration to be last. If it becomes last once it cannot be used again.
Renewable energy includes hydropower, geothermal power, wind energy, and solar energy.Nonrenewable energy contains petroleum, hydrocarbon gas liquids, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy (used in nuclear power plant).
Renewable energy is less harmful to release carbon and it has no severe impact on the environment.Electricity construction costs is low compared to renewable energy sources. But power generation cost or per unit generation cost is very high.
According to the electric energy comparison, the bulk power generation construction cost is very high due to expensive components. But running cost or per unit generation cost is low.    Nonrenewable energy source requires a small place to generate bulk electricity compared to renewable energy.
Most of the renewable energy power plant requires a large area to produce bulk electrical energy.These energy resources (geothermal, solar energy, wind energy, and others) cannot be depleted over time.
It increases the reliability, security, and resilience of the nation’s power grid.This energy is cost-effective and easier to produce compared to renewable energy.
Nonrenewable energy resources (coal, oil, gas, and others) cannot be depleted over time.Nonrenewable energy resources (coal, oil, gas, and others) cannot deplete over time.

Is coal renewable or nonrenewable?

Coal is a nonrenewable energy source. Let’s see the details and get proof of why coal is a nonrenewable source. Coal is a sedimentary deposit composed predominantly of carbon. Coal is a type of black rock made millions of years ago under the ground. We can say coal is a natural energy source, but human beings are not responsible for creating it.

Basically, coal was formed due to submerging the dead plant in the swamp environment that was subjected to heat geological pressure, and forces millions of years ago. Over time the plants transform from moist, to coal, low-carbon peat, and brown-black sedimentary rock. This coal is not renewable and it is depleting day by day. However, there are four different types of coal, such as

  • Bituminous coal
  • Anthracite coal
  • Lignite coal
  • Brown coal/sub-bituminous coal

Bituminous coal is more efficient than some other coal. For this reason, Bituminous coal is used in the coal fired power plant. On the other hand, Sub-bituminous or ignite coal is also used to generate electricity.

Is oil renewable or nonrenewable?

No, oil is not a renewable energy source. Those materials come from a natural source and are useable again and again which is called renewable energy sources. Oil is depleting rapidly over time. Oil was formed from the ancient plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. It cannot be replaced if we use it once.

Oil is a more popular and indispensable fuel to run multiple engines and oil is used to generate electricity which is called diesel power plant. Most of the engine depends on oil or diesel which is sometimes called diesel engine. It would be better if the oil would be renewable energy. Unfortunately, the oil source is decreasing.

Is water renewable or nonrenewable?

Yes, water is a renewable energy source. Water is avail in all the places around the world. Two parts are water within three around the world. Water is used to generate electricity which is called a hydroelectric power plant. Water energy is also called kinetic energy.

Basically, a water dam is created in the river or lake to create water pressure. The dam is built to create high-speed water flow through some steel pipe or concrete pipe which is called a penstock. The water turbine rotates due to high-speed water flow and the turbine also rotates the alternator and generates electricity.

Is wind renewable or nonrenewable?

The wind is a renewable energy source. The wind is a gift of god. The wind is used to generate electricity. The wind is the main source of generating electricity and the turbine is also a main weapon to catch the wind. However, let’s see how wind turbines work. The wind turbine is a device that is used to generate electricity using wind force.

In this case, the turbine gives mechanical energy and this energy is converted into electrical energy. This type, of turbine, is mainly placed where air or wind pressure is more, such as in hilly areas, river banks, sea banks, and other places. Wherever wind pressures 25 km/h such a location is suitable for a wind power plant.

Is geothermal renewable or nonrenewable?

Yes, geothermal energy is considered renewable energy. Geo means earth and thermal means heat. We can find geothermal energy in every location in this world. Geothermal is available where there is a chance for volcanoes. Geothermal energy is found along tectonic plate boundaries. Whenever magma comes near the earth’s surface then the water becomes heat and creates vapor.

This vapor is collected to rotate the steam turbine to generate electricity in the geothermal power plant. It is noted that geothermal energy is not popular yet to generate electricity. It is because it requires high professionalism and skill hand. However, geothermal energy is used to generate electricity, heat water, air conditioning, greenhouse heating, and others. It is noted that the world’s first geothermal power plant was built in 1911 in Italy.

Is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable?

Yes, solar is the biggest source of renewable energy. How do we get help from a solar panel? Indeed we are getting help from solar energy at every step of our life. However, the solar panel is used to generate electrical energy by the conversion of sunlight heat. In this case, the solar panel is used. Solar panel absorbs sunlight and give DC output, this energy is also converted into AC form by the inverter and we get clean AC power.

Solar panels have been more renowned around the world due to its more privileges. There are three main types of solar panels and all solar panels are efficient solar panels. But you should remember some factors before installation. Efficiency is one of the best factors because output power depends on efficiency. So, let’s see how to calculate solar panel efficiency before buying it.    

Is natural gas renewable or nonrenewable?

Natural gas is a nonrenewable energy source. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, it was formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals over millions of years. Therefore it is not replenished on a human timescale. Once extracted and used, then we cannot use it again. Natural gas is mostly composed of methane, which is extracted from underground reserves and then used to generate electricity.

What are the advantages of nonrenewable energy?

Nonrenewable energy sources have many negative impacts on the environment, including environmental pollution, and water pollution, and have the main contributor to climate change. Non-renewable energy sources, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, have several advantages.

  • Non-renewable energy sources have been used for decades and have a proven track record of providing reliable and stable energy.
  • Non-renewable energy sources are often cheaper to produce than renewable energy sources.
  • It can be found in many parts of the world, making them readily available to many countries.
  • Non-renewable energy has a high energy density, which means it can produce a large amount of energy from a small amount of fuel.
  • Non-renewable energy can be easily transported by pipeline or ship, making them accessible to many remote areas.

What are the advantages of renewable energy?

Renewable energy is becoming more popular rapidly but all things may have advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s see the advantages of renewable energy.

  • Renewable energy is sustainable and does not deplete natural resources.
  • It does not produce greenhouse gases, which are a major contributor to climate change.
  • Renewable energy can provide a reliable source of energy, especially when combined with energy storage systems.
  • This energy has a sufficient dependence on fossil fuels and provides energy security.
  • It can create jobs and stimulate economic growth.
  • Renewable energy can provide access to electricity in rural and remote areas.
  • It can improve public health by reducing the pollution caused by fossil fuels.
  • It can support the local economy by keeping energy dollars within the community.

Comparison between solar and wind energy

types of energy resources

Solar energy and wind energy both are renewable energy sources. The solar panel is used more to generate electricity which is called a solar power plant. There are different types of solar power plants but most of them are solar thermal power plants. Indeed if we do solar energy compared to other sources then we don’t get a far distance between them. Let’s try to compare solar energy and wind energy and try to figure out compare and outcontrast solar energy and wind energy.

Solar energyWind energy
Solar power is generated from the sun’s shine and it is typically using photovoltaic panels to convert it into electricity.Wind energy is generated by the air pressure; an air turbine is used to send mechanical energy to the generator and the generator produces electricity.
Solar power is most effective in areas where sunlight is available, such as deserts.Wind energy is most effective in areas with strong and consistent wind pressure to drive the wind turbine, such as coastal regions, on top of hills, river banks, and other high places.
Solar energy is used for small and large-scale power generation purposes, and it is also used for a single home to provide electricity.Wind energy is typically used for larger-scale power generation and for small-scale use.
The cost of solar energy has decreased significantly in recent years, and it makes it more accessible to households and businesses.The cost of wind energy is also decreasing, but it is still more expensive than fossil fuels in some areas.
Solar panels can be placed at any place where sunlight is available during the day.Wind energy is typically used for larger-scale power generation, and for small-scale use.

Final thought

Renewable energy is clean energy. We have given renewable and nonrenewable resources examples that are sufficient to make sure of what is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources. We have shown some comparisons between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. So, modern civilization should move on the renewable energy sources. In most cases, renewable energy is superior to nonrenewable energy. So, try to use renewable energy as much as you can.

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