What are the Types of Overhead Transmission Lines?


What is overhead transmission lines? Overhead transmission or overhead line is used to transmit the electric power from one place to another place with the help of a conductor which is called a transmission line. However, the transmission line is an essential part of the electrical power system. There are two types of electricity transmission systems: … Read more

Power System


What is Electrical Power System? The electrical power system is an important part of electrical and electronics engineering. The electrical power system is a bunch of conductor networks. Basically, the electrical power can be supplied in the two ways, such as three-phase, and single-phase power supply. The unit of electrical power is watts because the … Read more

Power Generation


What is an Electrical Power System? For the first thing, modern electrical power system details with practices are pretty much difficult by writing but we are trying how much we can. However, the electrical power system is a bunch network of electrical components engaged in the supply and transfer, and use of electrical energy. An … Read more

Wind Power Plant


What is a Wind Power Plant? Wind power is the primary energy source in the world. Wind energy power plants are the group of wind turbines that are used to generate electricity. The wind turbine is a rotating device that converts the kinetic energy of the air into electrical energy. Basically, wind turbines are designed … Read more

Modern Solar Power Plants in the World


What is Solar Power Plant? Sun is the primary energy source in the world. Solar energy is the renewable energy source in the world. Basically, a photovoltaic cell or solar panel is used to convert solar energy into electric energy which is called a solar cell or photovoltaic cell and sometimes called a solar panel. … Read more

Nuclear Power Plant


What is Nuclear Power Plant? Whereas a large number of electrical energy is produced by using nuclear fuel which is called nuclear power plant. It means that a large quantity of electrical energy is produced by converting nuclear energy or nuclear fuel which is called nuclear power plant. Most of the developed country is using … Read more

Geothermal Power Plant


Geothermal Power Plant Details  Geothermal energy is the thermal energy that is obtained under the earth’s surface. Geothermal energy is the renewable energy source in the world. People are generating electrical energy by using geothermal energy. Now we will share geothermal power plant details. Basically, coal, oil, gas, and other non-renewable energy source is reducing day … Read more

Hydroelectric Power Plant


What is Hydroelectric Power Plant? What is hydroelectric energy? Hydroelectric energy and hydroelectric power plant are almost similar. Whereas kinetic energy of the water is used to generate electrical energy by special a plant which is called hydroelectric power plant. But where hydroelectric energy is generated it is called hydroelectric energy.  Water is one of … Read more

Gas Fired Power Plant


What is a gas power plant? Natural gas fired power plants initiate electricity by burning natural gas to meet the need for the fuel. Natural gas plants use gas turbines. The natural gas is added to the stream of air which later on conflagrates and enlarges in the turbine which will spin to generate electricity. … Read more

Diesel Power Plant


What is diesel power plant? Diesel power plants are standby power plants. The diesel engine is used as the prime mover to generate electrical energy. Whereas diesel engine is used as the prime mover for the production of electrical energy that is called diesel power plant. Basically, to generate mechanical energy diesel burns inside the … Read more

Thermal Power Plant


What is Thermal Power Station?  A generating station that converts heat energy (coal combustion) into electrical energy which is called a thermal power plant. The thermal power plant consists of a lot of essential components and the power plant provides a reliable electrical power supply. For this reason, thermal power station or steam power plant is … Read more

Power System Protection

Protection of power system The electrical power system is the electrical network of conductors. We know that a transmission line means that high voltage system. The transmission line is divided into two, such as primary transmission and secondary transmission systems. Primary transmission carries large voltage (132KV, 230KV, 400KV, and many more). Whereas secondary transmission carries … Read more

Fault in Power System


Power System Fault Fault in electrical power system A fault in electrical power system means that higher abnormal current than the rated current. Basically, the fault occurs in the power system, when two or more power lines that normally operated with the potential difference and the phase come in contact with each other. The fault … Read more

High Voltage Transmission


High Voltage AC power Transmission System Generally, a modern electrical power system is the AC type. We know that the modern power system is divided into three parts, such as Generation, Transmission, and Distribution. Basically, high voltage AC power is transmitted from the generating station to the load center through the transmission line which is … Read more

Electrical Substation


What is Electrical Substation? Electrical Substation is an important part of the electrical power system. The substation is an electrical power station where the voltage level is changed by special apparatus (power transformer, and other switchgear equipment) and sent to a different location which is called a substation. Most of the substations in the electrical … Read more