How to Use Delta PLC WPLSoft Simulator?

What is Delta PLC simulator?

Delta PLC simulator is software that is used to test the program. Delta PLC simulator is used for WPLSoft and Delta ISPSoft programming software. If you have a programming error then you will be confirmed. It is noted that some other PLCs like Siemens, Mitsubishi, LS, ABB, and others don’t require a simulator. Only Delta PLC requires a simulator to test the PLC programming. For this reason, you must know how to simulate Delta PLC program. However, have a look at how to use delta PLC WPLSoft simulator.

What are the requirements to download Delta PLC simulator?

We have told you before that simulator is only used to test the Delta PLC programming. However, there are some requirements for Delta PLC simulator download, such as  

  • You must ensure that you have an operating system Windows 7 and above
  • Make sure that your computer hardware for at least 2GB RAM, 250GB ROM
  • Make sure that you have a high-speed Internet Connection
  • Stop the Anti-Virus during installation

How to use delta PLC WPLSoft simulator?

We have shown how to program in Delta WPLSoft 2.50 and Delta WPLSoft 2.51 versions. We also have shown simulation. However, have a look at how to use the delta PLC WPLSoft simulator. Whenever the WPLSoft simulator is activated, the WPLSoft programming is shown below. Follow some steps


Step 2. First of all, you must open an existing file and create a new file


Step 3. Click on the delta PLC simulator icon from the toolbar. If you click simulation then WPLSoft simulation will start.


Step 4. If WPLSoft becomes active then you can simulate and perform communication functions, such as you can monitor programs, uploading, and downloading programs without a communication interface.   


Step 5. You should click start to debug mode from the toolbar. The user can switch between debugging mode and the message area. It is noted that you can simulate or test the program without connecting PLC. Whenever you finish the program and program simulation then you can download the program.


Simulator Icons that you should know before simulation.



We have told you before Delta simulator is only used for testing the Delta PLC of both types (Delta WPLSoft simulator and Delta ISPSoft simulator). In this case, the user will be able to Delta PLC offline simulation and Delta PLC online simulator. If you install Delta PLC then the simulator will also be installed automatically. So don’t worry about it. So install Delta WPLSoft or Delta ISPSoft and do your program based on your machine controlling requirements. Visit openread to know more about electrical and electronic engineering.

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