Can You Put Solar Panels On a Mobile Home? Best Solution Ever

Can I put solar panels on my mobile home- it is a critical question for most homeowners. Solar panels on mobile homes will transform your lifestyle. They are the most effective method for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving money on electricity, & achieving energy independence. As more homes turn to solar to produce renewable energy, mobile homes should also jump on the sustainability trend.   

Not all mobile homes can sustain complete solar power systems. This solar panels for mobile homes guide covers everything you need to know, including whether or not your mobile home is appropriate for going solar, how many solar panels are required for a mobile home, its PV panel pros and cons, and how to choose the best solar panels for mobile homes.

How to Install Solar Panels On a Mobile Home?

It is wise for homeowners to install solar panels before moving into their new homes. Since it adds value to the property while saving money simultaneously! So, if you rent a home or live in temporary housing while your mobile home is being built. In that case, wait to buy solar panels for mobile homes until the properties are finished.


Also, remember that certain states have rules concerning how much power could come from renewable energy sources and may need inspections before installation, which could add time to the procedure! I have referred to the guidance step-by-step for installing solar panels on mobile homes.

Site Evaluation

  • Assess the appropriateness of your mobile home with solar panel installation for a new build.
  • Consider several factors of solar power for mobile homes, such as available space, roof condition, & sun exposure. 

Choosing the Correct Solar Panels

  • Based on the evaluation, choose suitable solar panels (RV & marine kits, premium kits, or starter kits).
  • Consider factors such as budget, roof space, and energy requirements.

Getting Required Permits

Panel Installation on Mobile Home

  • Prepare the site by confirming a safe and clean workspace.
  • Install solar panels for manufactured homes and mounting brackets as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Install the solar inverter & connect the solar system to the grid.

System Testing

  • When installed, test the system to confirm it is functioning correctly.
  • Make required amendments to optimize performance.

Can You Put Solar Panels On a Mobile Home Roof?

Yes, you can put solar panels on mobile homes. Mobile home roofs should be compatible with solar panel installation. However, solar panels are heavy, and your structure needs to be sound sufficient to handle the weight of solar panel equipment. Furthermore, rooftop solar panels for mobile homes may be legal in some jurisdictions and every mobile home park.

If tiles or shingles are already installed on your roof, installing solar panels will increase the total weight of the metal roof, which can cause damage. Mobile homeowners with rubber or asphalt roofs could install rooftop solar panels without any worries.

Mobile home roofs generally have a steep pitch & are designed optimally for harnessing sunlight. Therefore, you can install solar panels on manufactured homes without concern regarding the roof angle.

It is challenging to install a solar panel system on a flat roof. Solar panel kits often have mounting hardware explicitly designed for slanted rooftops. Thus, if your mobile home does not have the required rooftop slope, the components of the mobile home solar panel kits are incompatible with installation on your home rooftop. 

In this case, consult roofing companies for mobile homes to see if they could include elements compatible with mobile homes with flat rooftops before buying equipment.

It is best to have an installer inspect your mobile home before installing solar panels. The lifespan of a mobile home roof is about 20 years. Therefore, most owners should take precautions and follow proper safety measures.

Can A Mobile Home Have Solar Panels?

Yes, mobile home residents can positively switch to solar power. PV panel installation for mobile homes is different from regular homes, though. For example, installing solar panels on modular homes would likely be impossible if it is in a neighborhood that is off the grid or utilizes its septic system.

Can Solar Panels Be Installed On a Manufactured Home?

You may have a question can I put solar panels on a mobile home? Yes of course you can. In most cases, it is possible to install rooftop solar panels on prefab homes. The key requirement for these mobile homes is to have the proper joint strength and roof structure required to support the heavyweight PV solar panels. 

A strong enough roof is typically required to install prefab home solar panels, and a permanent foundation is required. Therefore, some prefabs (mobile homes, cabins, tiny houses) may not support solar panels. 

Lightweight Solar Panels for Manufactured Homes

In the evolving landscape of solar technology, lightweight solar panels for mobile homes have emerged as a popular choice. These panels offer the benefit of being easy to install and provide a range of other advantages that make them a worthy investment. This section will delve deep into the world of lightweight solar panels and explore their advantages.

Benefits of Lightweight Solar Panels

Lightweight solar panels for manufactured homes have many advantages, making them an attractive option for mobile homeowners. Here, we list some of the prominent advantages:

  • Flexibility, lightweight solar panels for mobile homes can be installed on several surfaces, including curved roofs, offering greater flexibility in installation.
  • Portability, being lightweight, these panels can be easily transported and relocated, making them perfect for mobile homes.
  • Easy Installation, owing to their lighter weight, these panels are easier to install than traditional solar panels, reducing installation time and effort.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics, these panels often feature smooth designs, blending perfectly with the structure of your mobile home and improving its aesthetics.

How Many Solar Panels to Power a Mobile Home?

If you want to power mobile homes with solar panels, you should choose the best solar panels. But how many solar panels to run a mobile home? It depends on your load demand. On average mobile home needs 15 x 300W solar panels. This solar array can produce 4500 watts daily on average, sufficient for a 500 to 780 sq. ft. house with basic appliances.

Solar Panel Types

Choosing the right kind of solar panels for your home is significant. There are three main solar panels: polycrystalline, monocrystalline, and thin-film.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

PV panels are a more helpful solution for mobile homes since they take up less space & can be placed on the roof or the ground. Polycrystalline solar panels could be the most cost-effective. PV panels use sunlight to produce direct current power. These are a more practical solution for mobile homes since they take up less space and can be put on the roof or the ground.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

These solar panels are the most effective, with a solar panel efficiency rate between 22-27%. They work best in areas with lots of sun but cost more than the others.

Thin-film Solar Panels

Thin-film solar panels can be the greatest for unorthodox roof styles and can be the solution for older mobile homes because they weigh less.

How to Choose the Solar Panels on Mobile Home?

Not all solar panels are identical, and mobile homeowners have varying necessities. Consider factors, for example, your electricity consumption requirements, the size of your trailer, and the average peak sunlight hours in your area.  


Solar Panel Wattage

The average mobile home consumes about 6 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per square foot daily. The average size of a mobile home is between 600 and 1200 square feet. Due to their homes’ nature, mobile homeowners use up to 70% more electricity than site-built homeowners. In general, PV panels with a higher rated power and efficiency are preferable, as fewer panels can produce more energy.      

Mobile Home Space

The design and structure of your roof should be a factor in your buying decision, which will decide how many solar panels you can install on your top & their optimal size, output rating, and efficacy,

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficacy refers to a photovoltaic panel’s capacity to transform sunlight into electricity. The output power is considered solar panel efficiency. That means output power shows how efficient solar panel it is.

Contractors Who Work On Mobile Homes Near Me

Choosing the right contractors that work on mobile homes near me. Hiring the right contractor is one of the most significant decisions when installing a renewable energy system. Licensed Qualified contractors save you time and money. Your contractor should

  • Help select & install the most productive generating system for your home.
  • Walk you through financing options for buying or leasing.
  • Work with the contractor to guarantee that your system is interconnected safely to the grid.
  • Deliver warranty information.
  • Create a repair and maintenance schedule.
  • Apply for the appropriate incentive program.

Can You Put Solar Panels On Metal Roofs for Single-Wide Mobile Homes?

Mounting solar panels on a metal roof can be accessible in many situations. With a metal roof, your solar installer may not need to drill any holes, eliminating one central area of concern. With each kind of metal roof, an equivalent mounting option offers security for the panels and little to no disruption to the roof.

Another thing that makes solar and metal roofing work hand in hand is that your metal roof lasts longer than your solar panels. One fear homeowners with solar have is that the roof underneath their solar panels will fail, and they will need to endure an expensive solar panel removal and re-roofing process. With metal roofing, homeowners save the stress by knowing they will not have to deal with that issue.

A cool metal roof and solar panels are a match made in heaven regarding energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. Putting solar panels on a metal roof is an excellent idea if you want to save energy.

How Many Watts Does a Mobile Home Use?

While most energy-efficient mobile homes range from 500 to 800 sq. ft., power consumption varies extensively. They need 4500 watts a day of consumption

A mobile home generally uses 4100 to 4500 watts daily, with 80% of that coming from cooling and heating. It is the breakdown of the power consumption per day.

  • Computer 300W
  • Lights 30W
  • Refrigerator 800W
  • Cooling/heating 3000W
  • Mobile device 30W
  • Total: 4160 watts

These calculations assume that you use propane gas to cook. The power requirements will be more significant if you use a solar-powered microwave. This house does not use any blender, gaming console, coffee maker, etc. If you include those, you will have to amend the numbers accordingly.

If you already know how many solar panels you require, we recommend 300 watts per panel. Anything smaller &it will take up too much space. We suggest starting with the 300W Solar Panel Kit and adding more as required. With a flexible kit, you can easily add as many panels as needed.

Can Solar Panels Fully Power a House?

Yes, you can use solar panels to power your entire house. Some people use expansive solar panel systems to go off the grid, turning their homes into self-sustaining ecosystems. Most of the time, homeowners use local energy providers as a backup for cloudy days or winter time.

In some states, electric companies will charge you a low fixed charge to remain connected to the grid. In some states, installers can set up your solar panels to funnel any excess energy they produce into the grid. Energy companies offer you credits you could use to draw free energy back from the grid overnight or on cloudy days.

Can Portable Solar Panels Power a House?

Portable solar panels are made from photovoltaic cells, which absorb sunlight and turn them into electricity. The portable panels are connected and ultimately to a battery, which stores the energy from the sun.

Using portable solar panels, they charge your deep-cycle batteries to power your electrical appliances. In this way, you can run your appliances when you want without needing a constant fuel supply or using conventional power sources, such as generators.

Do Portable Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight?

Solar panels are most effective while exposed to direct sunlight but do not need them entirely. That is because of photons: the particles that absorb light and convert it into electricity for photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Even though the direct sun produces more photons than indirect or partial shade, solar energy can still be created from either light source. Even cloudy skies will not leave your home without a sustainable power supply!

Why Cannot You Install Rooftop Solar Panels on a Mobile Home? 

There are two leading causes why rooftop solar panels are not an option for most prefabricated homes: 

Structural Strength: Owing to how they are built, mobile homes do not usually have the foundational support or roof strength to support the weight of a PV system. 

Permission: Rooftop solar allowing for mobile homes is a long and complicated process. In some cases, building code prevents mobile homeowners from installing rooftop solar. 

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Are an Option for Mobile Homes.  

You can use ground-mounted solar panels if you live in a mobile home. These are the greatest solar panels for mobile homes since they are not installed on the roof and do not depend on the home’s structure for support. You need a decent amount of open yard space to install ground-mounted solar panels for your home.

What If I Want Solar Panels, But My Mobile Home Has No Space?

In some cases, people have already purchased a mobile home and may find insufficient space for solar panel installation. It is possible to add small portable solar panels on top of your roof or replace specific sections with the necessary materials – such as shingles, metal sheets, etc.

Can I Rent the Roof Space of My Mobile Home to A Third Party?

Renting your rooftop or any other available space on your mobile home is another excellent way to earn cash while still taking advantage of solar energy! If you are not prepared to make such a long-term commitment as selling or buying solar panels on a manufactured home, this is an excellent alternative that gives you the best of both worlds.

Will Solar Panels Reduce the Electricity Bills?

Yes, purchasing and installing solar panels on your roof is cheaper than buying electricity from the utility for the next 25 years. It is the estimated life of solar installations.

PV panels for manufactured homes cost as much as any other rooftop installation, and no special equipment exists.

The Future of Solar Panels Mobile Homes

Heavy equipment is one of many practical options to install solar power systems on mobile homes. New lightweight solar products are being manufactured; with time, more options will work well for mobile homes.

Tesla solar roof tiles are made of textured, colored glass with efficient solar cells embedded. They look like roofing shingles and are envisioned to substitute the shingles on your roof. These Tesla solar tiles roofs are not installed on your roof; they are on the roof. It decreases the weight and cost of roofing & installation of solar panels.

Another option is stick-on solar. These solar panels on modular homes weigh less compared to traditional panels. Stuck-on panels have an adhesive backing that sticks to a roof. Besides, their installation is easy – you only need to attach them to your roof. You do not need an aluminum frame to install solar panels for mobile homes. 


You can find solar panels on mobile homes. However, the home’s structure must meet the installation requirements. Keep going even if your roof does not support the solar panels. Consider other places, including a shed, patio, and ground-mounted solar panels.

But most significantly, consult an expert to check your structure and confirm it is up for the challenge. The roof should be strong enough, & some building codes in different places may need a permanent foundation, something challenging with manufactured houses.

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