World and Extraterrestrial life

World and Extraterrestrial life (Alien) is hypothetical life that may occur outside of Earth and did not originate. Such life might range from simple prokaryotes to intelligent beings and even sapient beings, possibly bringing forth civilizations that might be far more advanced than humanity.

Alien Means

Alien is species that is invented many years before, and it is a rumor yet. Alien is an aggressive and deadly extraterrestrial set loose on the ship. Any individual within the country’s borders, who is not a U.S. citizen, is called an alien. Extended Definition. The term ‘alien’ can be used about any person within the country’s borders,

Scientist Dr.Ellis Silver claims that aliens are the opposite people on the planet.

In recent age, there has been a heated debate about aliens. A group of scientists wants to prove by reasoning that the creation of living beings and humans are aliens? This doctrine has gained momentum because there is still no universal decision on life on Earth and the origin of the human race.

How was life created?

Although scientists differ on Earth’s origin on Earth, most scientists have so far said that life in seawater appeared about 3 billion years ago, with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen forming the first living nucleoprotein. From there, proto viruses, virus bacteria, protozoa, effects were created. Plants were made up of unicellular and multicellular animals, single-celled chlorophyll-containing organisms. Recently, a group of scientists said that life’s origin is not in seawater but in space.

A scientist university team was stunned to see how many balloons were sent into the stratosphere at an atmospheric level 27 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Scientists say that the origin of this life is in space. At the end of the experiment, the university professor said that the stratosphere couldn’t reach these heights from the Earth in any way, so we can conclude that these are space creatures and created in space. Creatures from space are still always coming to Earth. We have many animals who have come from the area.

 And a team of scientists and experiments have shown that amino acids can come to Earth from space with a comet’s impact. Scientists who believe in this doctrine say that organisms are scattered throughout the solar system. Our origin did not originate in the oceans when the American ecologist Alice Silver detonated a bomb during a world war. In his book Human and Not for Scientific Evidence, he argues that humans are not Earth creatures.

 Unlike other creatures, humans were not created on Earth. Millions of years ago, humans were released from another planet. Silver said many of the human body’s flaws explain that the Earth is not our planet. Still, biologists believe that the best animals on Earth were created by humans evolving from lower-class animals.

Some glimpses of Dr. Ellis Silver’s theory

According to Dr. Silver, this sweet world meets almost all the needs of other species. So those who sent humans down to Earth from aliens thought that the Earth would meet the needs of human life like other animals on Earth. But strangely, it is not.

The human race is considered to be the most advanced animal on the planet. Surprisingly, man is the most adaptable animal on Earth and the most suitable animal to survive in the Earth’s climate. Most animals can bathe day after day as long as they like, but why can’t we soak for more than a few hours?

In the light of the sun, our eyes are dazzled by other animals. Why not? Why do people like to eat naturally found or sprouted food in nature? Is the pain in the neck, back, waist, and other animals? Among Dr. Silver, back pain is one of the most chronic diseases that most people suffer from this disease is significant.

Because they do not get gravity for walking and various activities like other animals, it means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as far as gravity is concerned. It is difficult for women to give birth in the usual way due to the growth of the human baby head, many mothers and babies die, but no other living species has such a problem.

The baby’s size is much larger than the space inside the human uterus because it is said to receive high levels of nutrition. It is not normal for the human body to have 223 extra genes because no other species on Earth has any different genes. World and Extraterrestrial life is the important thing in the modern world.

Our skin is stretched or blackened by the sun’s rays, proving that the sun’s rays are not suitable for human beings. However, many scientists believe that the Earth was created from water and a creator who controls everything. In the eyes of Islam, what is said about the world in Holy Qur’an and Hadith has proved to be so accurate according to many scientists.

For this reason, various scientists have criticized Silver and looked at him with slanted eyes. But many have sided with him, and much debate is going on until an irresponsive answer. But it is given as to the origin of the human race. Various scientists have argued that the arguments presented are real, but that is not the case. Really, why are we different from other species of living things on Earth? Let’s see what science answers his question in the coming days.

So are we the creatures of the Earth, or are we the creatures of the aliens who rule the Earth? The answer to the mystery lies in the fact that if man’s creation in the womb of time did not occur on Earth, then if we came to Earth from an alien planet, then the question of who NASA is spending trillions upon trillions to find remains. World and Extraterrestrial life (Alien) can be true for the next 20 to 30 years through our modern science.

Alien women on Mars

NASA’s ‘Curiosity Rover’ has captured a picture on Mars that looks like a woman. Photographs taken while searching for a crater on Mars show that it largely matches the shape of a woman. It shows a long-haired woman standing on a steep cliff, observing the surrounding land. A website looking for the existence of extra-terrestrial life outside the Earth is claiming the image as ‘evidence’ for the existence of life on Mars.

I have to admit that it looks like a partially cloaked woman. It is approximately 8-10 cm long, although it is difficult to say whether it is a living creature or an ancient statue.” Such a small statue is so easily eroded and destroyed, so it is more likely to be a living creature, moreover, it is looking at the Mars rover, looking at it from a distance. Astronaut William Rutledge saw a 4-6 cm long humanoid skeleton inside a glass tube on the wall of a cigar ship hidden in a lunar hole. It seems to be that species, and if so, every country in the world should be concerned that there is life beyond Earth. World and Extraterrestrial life (Alien) is not clear yet.

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