What is the Difference Between Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Resources?


What is renewable energy sources? Let’s define renewable and nonrenewable resources. Renewable energy source means that energy can be used again and again and has no chance to end such energy source is called renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, etc. These are renewable resources examples and this energy comes from the natural source. These … Read more

How to Check Amperes Using Analog Multimeter?


What is an analog multimeter? An analog multimeter is a measuring instrument and it is a type of permanent magnet moving coil. An analog multimeter is used to measure three major electrical quantities, such as voltage, current, and resistance. There are two types of multimeter analog multimeter and digital multimeter. These are measuring instruments. Analog … Read more

Solar Thermal Power Plant Types


What is solar thermal power generation process? The solar thermal electricity generation process is like coal or some other thermal power plant. In this case, solar radiation is used to generate heat, and steam is created to drive the steam turbine. This steam runs through the steel pipe with high pressure. This high-pressure steam hit the steam … Read more

How to Measure AC Current Using Multimeter?


What is an alternating current? Current is a flow of electrons through any medium. Most of the power line is AC (alternating current). An alternating current is an electric current that alternates its direction periodically and it also changes magnitude with respect to time. However, we get two types of current AC (alternating current) and … Read more

How to Check 220 Voltage With a Multimeter?


What is multimeter? The multimeter is a measuring electronic instrument. The multimeter is used to measure the electrical quantity and show the actual value. It is a crucial device to test the electrical quantity before and after installation. It is more popular around the world. Low voltage and high voltage can be measured by this … Read more

What is Binary Cycle Geothermal Plant?


What is a geothermal power plant?  Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source that is obtained 365 days a year. Geothermal energy is obtained under the earth’s surface. Basically, we get steam energy from volcanoes and this steam energy is converted into electrical energy by the combination of a steam turbine and alternator. Geothermal power … Read more