Can I Sell My Solar Panels Back to The Company? 5 Best Solutions

Yes, you can sell your solar panels back to the company. It is because solar panels are static and calm electronic devices that exactly save your pocket cost. It completely removes irritating monthly electricity bills. There are massive privileges of using solar panels and installing solar panels at home. That’s why it’s demand is always higher. But how can I sell my solar panels back to the company? Some easiest processes will lead you to sell them to a company.

Can I Sell My Solar Panels Back to The Company?

Before selling back your solar panels to the company from where you have purchased. You must follow some criteria and check out that all the documents are okay. In that case, what document you should follow?

1. Agreement Papers with PV Panel Providers

An agreement paper is a business document that explains the products, business rules, installment policy, product return, service warranty, spare purse, and others. This policy relies on specific company rules and regulations. There are many company that offers 1-year service warranty and if any unexpected condition happens then they will completely replace or repair that product.

So, if your solar panel provider has that agreement and if you can make sure all the rules, and if they have a returning policy. In that case, back your solar panels to your providers. On the other hand, they can charge a low cost to buy second-hand solar panels. So, consult with the PV panel provider company and come to a decision.     

2. Financing Agreement

Whenever you purchase solar panels then your solar panel provider company may have an agreement paper about finance. It means if you buy solar panels then the financing agreement will refer to whether you can sell the panels and how any remaining balance on the financing would be handled.

Before selling PV panels check the financing document and sell the panels. It is noted that solar panels are not easily damaged if you also install them on a tile roof. This is because tile roof is a sensitive roof than concrete roof. This is a privilege to sell old solar panels. In that case, the price limit will never be lower than new panels. However, follow the agreement and sell the panels.  

3. Outright Ownership

If you become the owner of the solar panels then you will have the privileges and freedom to sell them at any price. In that case, you may consult with any solar panel provider company or other vendors that work to buy and sell solar panels. Many online groups continue on this group and refer to pricing. If anyone becomes interested, then sell the panels. In that case, there is no price limit to sell them because you are the owner of the panels.   

4. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

It is a long-term contract for power purchases that happen between customers and power providers. PPA is a power purchase agreement. If you agree to buy the electricity these are produced by the solar panels for a specific period. In that case, solar panel selling will never be the right choice, unless the company has ownership throughout the agreement.

Suppose, you have a contact with a panel provider, such as you have a 1 KW load demand and you have purchased a few PV panels with $1000 to meet that demand. You have a contract that you can use such panels for 5 years.

After that, if you want to sell, then your panel provider company will get it back with $700 or $500 or anything else. In that case, your selling process and agreement are okay. On the other hand, if you use their solar power then you have to pay the charge according to their terms and conditions or agreements.   

5. Make Sure Panels Are Not Denting

Solar panel life span is approximately 25 to 30 years. But when using solar panels for a long time, their efficiency slightly decreases due to some reasons, such as big scars, dirt, dust, bird droppings, or other debris on the panel surface. in that case, need to keep clean solar panels using a solar panel cleaning system.

However, if you use the panel for a week then it will be counted as the secondhand PV panel. if any dentings are found on the panel surface then the panel cost will be lower than your expectation. In that case, be careful about such things before selling solar panels to get a higher return amount.

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

Yes of course PV panels increase home value. Those who are aware of renewable energy; such person will rate a higher amount of installed solar panels at home. This is because there are extensive benefits to using solar panels. Let’s say them in short, say goodbye to the commercial electricity bill, no electricity interruption, clean energy, save yourself from the roof overheated that creates hot weather in the room, and many more things.     

Can Solar Panels Be Sold?

Yes, of course, solar panels can be sold easily. The solar panel can last from 25 years to 30 years. It is made of at least 4 to 5 tempered glass and aluminum layers that can protect it from the outer strike. That’s why there is no risk for denting. People are highly interested in installing solar panels in their homes to meet their load demand.

We know that natural energy sources are depleting geometrically. After that people must adopt different ways to meet their electrical load demand. In that case, there is no comparison with solar panels. It generates renewable and clean energy that can sweep away the commercial electricity bill.

There are some renowned markets where solar panels can be sold. It is noted that price will depend on the solar panel quality, how long you have been used, solar panel efficiency, etc. Take a look at some options where solar panels can be sold

  • Individuals or businesses can purchase solar panels directly from manufacturers, distributors, or retailers for installation. You may contact them.
  • Secondhand Market can be the best way to sell solar panels.
  • Solar panels can be sold to developers, contractors, or installers who engage with large-scale projects.
  • Leasing or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with outright companies.
  • Online platforms or different online groups can be the best way to selling solar panels from home.

Is It Possible to Sell a Home with Solar Panels?

Yes, selling a home with solar panels is possible. Installed solar panels can increase home value and make it attractive to potential buyers. There are many privileges of selling PV-installed homes such as  

  • Solar panels can help reduce electricity bills.
  • Provide energy independence.
  • Contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • There is one thing, whenever you intend to sell a home with solar panels, then remember a few key considerations.
  • Confirm that you own the solar panels outright, then you will have more flexibility in the sale process.
  • If you lease the solar panels, you’ll need to ensure that the terms of the lease agreement are clearance papers or documents.  
  • Make sure documentation about the solar panel installation, warranties, maintenance records, and any applicable permits.
  • Highlight the potential energy savings that come with the solar panels that will attract and enhance the buyer’s interest.
  • You should provide appraisers with information about the system’s installation cost, energy production, and savings.
  • Make sure Transferring Ownership of the solar panel system is clear and straightforward.

What Do You Mean by Selling Solar Power Back to The Utility Company?

Selling solar power back to the utility company is referred to as net metering or net energy metering. Solar power selling back to the utility company is a process where solar panel owners can generate electricity from their installations. They can send the excessive power or energy back into the grid for compensation. This entire system is called selling power to the utility company. In that case, will get benefits from the utility company as per their energy consumption rules.

Are Utility Companies Pay for Obtaining Excess Solar Energy?

Yes, utility companies compensate customers for excess solar energy generated that is sent back into the grid. This excessive energy-sending process to the grid is facilitated through net metering. These credits can then be used to offset electricity consumption from the grid whenever the solar panels are not able to produce sufficient energy to meet the customer’s load demand, such as nighttime, cloudy days, off sun periods.

The utility companies provide a payment form or credit to customers for the generated excess solar energy and contributing to the grid. The excess solar energy compensation rate can vary on the specific net metering program and regulatory policies.

In some cases, the utility company offers a one-to-one credit. It means they compensate the customer at the retail rate for each kilowatt-hour (kWh). On the other hand, the energy compensation rate may be lower than the retail rate. It reflects the wholesale cost of electricity or administrative fees.

Final Thought

selling your solar panels back to the company depends on the company terms of your agreement and the specific business policies. But how can I sell my solar panels back to the company? In that case, you have to follow the company rules and regulations.

On the other hand, many third parties or companies that sell solar panels also purchase second PV panels. The best way is to consult with them and sell your panels. However, I have referred to some crucial points to sell your panels back to the company. Follow those steps, sell your panels, and get your money back.

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